God supernaturally plants gifts in the souls of men and women he is saving. We want Anchor to be a place where those who have believed the gospel are free to bring glory to God through their gifts by encouraging one another to fight sin and take the gospel to Howell and the world.

The basic structure of leadership and service at Anchor is made up of elders, deacons, team-leads, and members. Anchor believes that the Bible calls the local church to be led by a plurality of male elders. We also believe that the church should be served by and serve through both male and female deacons. Both the elders and deacons are accountable to the members. The elders are to give their attention to the spiritual health of all the members, carrying out their ministry through preaching, prayer, vision casting, and decision making. The deacons are to serve the physical needs of the church and the community, with special attention given to the elderly, widows, and orphans. Team-leads direct and implement the vision of Anchor within their area of focus. Members disciple, counsel, and care for one another. The elders, deacons, and members all seek to use their gifts to encourage each other and spread the gospel throughout Howell and the world.

Tony Pyle

Tony serves as a pastor at Riverview Church, the main sending church of Anchor, in Lansing MI.