We have one goal: since all our hope is found in what Jesus did on the cross and in his resurrection and ascension our one goal is to see Jesus face to face with the joy of knowing we will enjoy him forever. We strive for this one goal in three ways: GospelMission, and Community.

In our conversations, we strive to bring the Gospel front and center, whether speaking with someone who doesn’t know Jesus or encouraging a believer who needs to remember the gospel. It is the center point of all our preaching, teaching, and counseling. It is the message upon which everything we are and everything we do rests.

Mission consists of focusing the gospel or Jesus’ ministry of reconciliation on five primary areas where we are broken the most: in our relationship with God, in our relationships with other people, in our tensions between ethnicities, in our sins, and in those who are suffering or have suffered loss.

Mission takes place through relationships or in Community. The members of Anchor church strive to build community in our workplaces, schools, and city. More than these places, however, we strive to build community in our homes. This means spending time with neighbors, close and extended family, co-workers, friends, and anyone else who wants to come over for dinner so that we can minister the gospel word to one another with the certain hope of one day seeing Jesus face-to-face.